What are you doing right now?  Well besides the obvious of reading what I wrote. What are you waiting on?  Are you sitting in line waiting for your kids to get out of school? Are you traveling (Better not be driving) somewhere?  We are always on the go.  We always have something to do.  I have three kids. Each has something at some point during the week. Winter is especially busy for us because of hockey season.  My wife or I drive one of the boys up to the rink and then we wait for them to be done, and then we drive home.   We know that when either one gets on the ice, we’ll have a period, usually an hour, that we have to wait while they practice.  This hour is usually filled with chatting with other parents, reading an article, playing a game on the phone, and watching the kid on the ice so we can point out some areas that he did good or areas he needs to improve on.  The point is, we actively wait.  We don’t just sit there staring off into the distance.

We as followers of Christ should be actively waiting as well.  We’ve read God’s Word. We know that God created everything, Adam and Eve messed it up, then God made a promise to Abraham that His descendants would be His people. Then God told Abraham’s descendants you are my people, here are my rules and this is what you need to do in order to be forgiven of your sins.  It wasn’t a permanent fix, but eventually God sent Jesus to be that perfect sacrifice so it could be permanent.  During His ministry, Jesus said to watch for certain things, because when they happen I’ll come back and take my followers home, but doesn’t say when.  So now we’re in that period of waiting.  If you’re a follower of Christ, you’re just waiting for Jesus to come back so you can go home.  But what do we do?  Do we just sit?  No, we actively wait.

Jesus said in Matthew 24 that He will come back like a thief in the night and we should always be ready.  Again, being ready implies that we should be actively waiting on His return. We let others around us know that we’re waiting on Jesus.  We serve others like Jesus did.  We follow the example that Christ gave us.  There are some Christians that are so focused on the signs of the end times, they forget to actively wait.  They keep saying “See, see, Jesus is coming back soon.”  Well tell me something I don’t already know. God keeps His promise. Jesus said He would come back.  Jesus also said we should go and share the good news of salvation to all the world.  So instead of sitting and focusing on the things to come, let’s start actively waiting and preparing for the return of the King.  We know He is coming back. We don’t know when, so just be ready.  Read Scripture, pray, and share the Gospel with others.  When Jesus comes back, it won’t be as a baby and it’ll be too late for those who don’t know Him.